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Role(s): Game/UX/Level Designer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 12

Summary: A tactical turn-based shooter in an epic DIY arena where you and your friends plan and execute turns synchronously to be the last team standing.
Built over the course of 6 months for UCSC's Game Design Capstone Project.
  • Drafted and communicated game design documents to all members of the team.

  • Designed and iterated on all User Experience from UI layout to controls.

  • Collaborated with Art lead on Level Design. Greyboxed and crafted base level components within Maya, then imported and composed level layout in-engine using both greybox and final art assets.

  • Worked along side artists to draft whole game's iconography to ensure UI was both readable while also within overall art direction.

Tacti-Kidz - Capstone Project

My Contributions:
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