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Role(s): Game Designer - Heroes & Augments

Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Ability System

Team Size: 60+

Summary: Fangs is a 4v4 ever-evolving MOBA Brawler, where every skillshot counts. With the ability to customize your playstyle through hero specific augments, your choices can turn the tide of battle and be the difference between glory or defeat.
  • Lead the development and implementation over 3 live heroes (Brutus, Ishir, and Rowan) and 3 in-progress heroes in different states of prototype, pre-production, and production.

  • Utilizing player data and feedback, I handled live hero balancing and tuning of owned heroes in collaboration with the rest of the design team.

  • Concepted and implemented alternate playstyle options through hero augments such as the following: Greatforge Chains (Brutus), Ghost's Eye (Ishir), The Bloomblade (Rowan), and Omen of Growth (Rowan). Also, iterated upon existing augments for heroes across the whole roster.

  • Collaborated with cross-discipline stakeholders to deliver polished and production-ready heroes. I provided implementation needs for said stakeholders for optimal game feel.

Fangs - Hidden Leaf Games

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