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Role(s): Engineer, Game/Level Designer

Engine: Phaser CE Framework

Team Size: 3

Summary: Bonds is a 2 player co-op platformer that is centered around a chosen theme of delicacy. The game centers around two potted people who meet for the very first time. Newly bonded, they must go on adventure and put their camaraderie and teamwork to the test.

Built over the course of 10 weeks using an Agile workflow
  • Learned Javascript and the Phaser CE framework to handle all mechanics, level, and art implementation.

  • Paper concepted and designed core gameplay while collaborating with team members to ensure that we kept all aspects of the game inline with our core theme of delicacy.

  • Held a leadership role that maintained team communication and kept production inline with our sprint goals and scope.

Bonds - School Project

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